Online casino sites have a hard job promoting themselves. The established sites make solid profits and can afford a large marketing budget for promotions, but sometimes the new casino sites have to work harder to get people to come signup for their sites as well as keeping current members interested. Both of these situations can be helped by good online promotions.

Many times new casino sites will partner with another type of website such as to promote to their audience about signing up and playing casino games there. This is a good way to reach a new group of people that wouldn’t necessarily have seen any normal advertisements. These promotions typically involve an incentive to join or to play.


  • Free spins
    These are not just given to new signups on casino sites. Many online casinos have events or promotions targeted at current members. During the holidays, when new games are released, or when less people are using their accounts are times that free spins are frequently given out.
  • Cash bonuses
    Although many cash bonuses are given just to new signups, there are some events that will give current members a small cash bonus as a sort of thank you playing on their site. That kind of promotion is necessary to help members feel more appreciated and to encourage them to return again and again.
  • New game bonuses
    Most times when a new game is released on an online casino site, the casino will use some sort of a promotion to encourage people to try the new game. This might include free spins to help you get familiar with it or small cash bonuses so that you aren’t using your own money to try it out. New games help to develop a casino site into a more interesting place to gamble, but they must take measures to ensure that the new game is actually played.

November 19, 2015

Posted In: Betting